How To Keep Your Kid Safe On The Internet: TiSpy Parental Control App

How To Keep Your Kid Safe On The Internet: TiSpy Parental Control App

Technology does a lot to make our lives simpler and more productive. However, as a parent, you should be worried about the impact that devices like smartphones can have on your kids. It negotiates the overall development of the child by engaging them in so many activities, a smartphone could become a source for an obsession. Imagine a kid having a conversation on a website and things go wrong. On the internet, people think they are in an unclaimed environment and end up saying the most offensive things we could not even imagine and even the best child can be infected by deadly environments like these, and finally end up reproducing this behavior. Without proper supervision, children are exposed to the evils of the internet, which makes them sensitive and lead them to accept that violent behavior is simply a normal way of solving problems.

If you have kids, you should be aware of everything they do on the internet, because unfortunately, kids are likely to get caught up in the open and hidden dangers of technology. On computers, controlling the content that is accessed by minors is very simple, but controlling the content on the cell phone could be a challenging task. In this case, TiSpy Parental Control App could become more than handy as it is packed up with some feature which is necessary to monitor and control your child’s activity on their mobile devices. For example, TiSpy Parental Control app provides the instant photo, audio, location, SMS Driven capturing facility. Moreover, you can track text messages, monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike and can manage calls.

Here’s how you can make your kid’s smartphone safe by using TiSpy Parental Control App:

#1 Install Parental Control App

The installation process of this app is really very easy, you just need to undergo the process on the designated smartphone. Just Download the app and click a few buttons. The entire installation process will hardly take 2 minutes to complete. For the more detailed guide about how to install the Parental Control app on your phone, visit this link.

#2 How To Track Your Phone If Your Kid has Lost It?

With the TiSpy app, you can always know where your kids are. The app gives you the Real-time interactive maps. Not only this, the app also gives you the notification when they arrive at their location. If your kid has lost the smartphone, then you can track the phone at TiSpy. The control panel will give you every detail of calls, GPS locations and much more.

#3 Block Unnecessary Applications

There are lots of apps available on Google Play Store, some of them are harmful to your kids as it might contain material that is inappropriate for your kid. There you can open the “Packages Installed” page and can block the app that you feels unnecessary for your child.

#4 Keeping Up The Healthy Communication

The connectivity attached with the use of the Smartphone can’t be the same as the real connection that parents and children should have. Children are still going through a period of growth, and you need to build your relationship with them. Start to discuss things that need to be discussed and make sure to track their daily activities deeply.

#5 Cyber Bullying

Spending more than two hours a day on a smartphone is enough to cause emotional and social problems. Without any proper supervision, children are exposed to the harms of the internet, which desensitize them and lead them to believe that intense behavior is simply a natural way of solving problems. There are lots of Instant Messaging app available in the Play Store, which is great, but at the same time, it can lead to cyber bullying. Therefore, make sure to track your kid’s activities in Social networking platforms and instant messaging apps.

#6 Setting Up The Web Filters

The best thing you can do is to set up the web filters, if you can’t track your child’s activities every time, then blocking the inappropriate sites might be a good idea. With TiSpy, you can record you can make your child stay away from the bad contents over the web. You can remotely check web browsing history on their phones and block sites which are inappropriate from the TiSpy dashboard.

#7 Blocking Calls And SMS

TiSpy allows you to block incoming calls from any contact on the monitored device. You can block any number even if it is not present in the phonebook. You can track your child’s phone book and block any suspicious mobile number from the TiSpy dashboard itself. As child bullying is on the rise, your child may be the victim of child bullying and you don’t even know it. In this case, this feature becomes more than handy.


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